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Can dogs sleep in tents while camping?

You are finally planning an amazing camping trip. But you don’t want to leave your dog home alone. And you are wondering, can dogs sleep in tents? 

Absolutely yes, like your dog sleeps with you on your bed, you can also accompany your dog to your tent. But before that you have to consider a few things like the type of tent, what to bring and some safety measures which you will see in the next part. While camping with your pet you have to be aware of wild animals which can be a threat to your dog. So it is safe for your dog to stay with you while sleeping.

While buying a tent consider your dog as another person. For example if you’re going on a solo trip with your dog, you should buy a two-person tent. Do dogs like sleeping in tent? Most dogs love camping and they will quickly get adjusted to tent life. And it is also a safe option if you are in an unfamiliar ground.

What to bring?

  Bed from home: As we all know dogs don’t have a good time sleeping in an unknown place. You can bring the bed from home as it will be a comfortable and familiar place for your dog. For bed options you can choose either an inflatable bed, memory foam bed or an elevated bed. Any of these would keep your dog dry and cool, when it is hot outside. Inflatable beds are better if you are hiking, as it does not occupy much space and is lightweight to carry.

   Extra padding and sheets: This will keep him warm during the winter nights and also protect the floor of your tent from sharp dog nails.

   Dog tent: It is preferred if you get a dog specific tent, as it will be built to withstand sharp dog Nails and scratches and also provide proper ventilation .But, be sure to consider your dog as a person while buying a tent. If you are using a normal tent make sure to put your dog’s bed near the door so you don’t get disturbed when he wants to pee. This problem will be solved in a dog tent as it should have two doors.

Do these before your dog enters the tent.

    Cut his toenails: Remember those sharp toenails can rip your new tent floor right away. If you want to avoid this damage, remember to clip his nails before camping. Or you can also file the  sharp edges using a dog nail filer.

    Use extra padding : Bring a small blanket or sheets to cover the area where your dog might walk and sleep. This will give extra layers of protection to your tent.

    Don’t use the tent to restrain your dog: Most tents out there are lightweight and easy to assemble which makes them a little weak and should not be used as a dog crate. Your dog can easily break through by tearing or breaking your brand new tent, if he feels anxious. So remember never to use it to  restrain your dog and leave him unattended.

    Get him used to the tent before coming: As discussed earlier, dogs will have a tough time sleeping in an unknown location so getting him used to the tent will be a game changer.

    Tire him out before sleeping: If your dog is all active when he enters the tent, he might jump, Run it and rip off the tent accidentally. So go and play your favorite game, play fetch, let him explore the site, and tire him out. Also if you are hiking, give something for your dog to carry, keeping in mind the max load carrying capacity. 

How to find a dog specific tent?

     It should have a strong floor so that it will not get easily ripped off by dogs nails. Sum of the tents even come with two layers of floor. 

     It should have two doors so you don’t get disturbed when your dog wants to get in and out. You don’t want to get up from incomplete sleep for your next day of hiking.

     Should have a proper ventilation  select tent which has proper ventilation if your camping in summer. We know by now that dogs don’t like hot and humid places. They can get really uncomfortable and anxious. Having two doors also maximizes airflow.

What to do if he doesn’t want to sleep inside the tent?

    Can sleep in a doggy tent : This is a great alternative if your dog doesn’t want to sleep in your tent with you. There are plenty of options when it comes to a dog tent. Choose the one that fits your requirement and the weather conditions perfectly. Although it is not recommended for  Young puppy or a senior dog to sleep alone in their tent, as they need  continuous supervision. Don’t introduce your dog to its tent in the camping site. Get him used to to his dog tent and he should become comfortable with it or else, you will have  tough time camping.

    Can sleep in your car: Your dog would love to sleep in the car and it is more secure and comfy. Remember to roll down the windows little bit for ventilation, take necessary precautions according to the weather. Use the same dog seat covers for the back seat and put his bed for a comfortable night sleep.

    Can sleep in the RV : Your furry friend will just enjoy sleeping in the RV. He will have a lot of room to find a place to sleep. Or if he already has a sleeping space there. Sleeping in the RV is much more secure, safe, easy and comfortable.

    Can sleep outside: This option is to be considered only if there are no threats that could harm your dog although, she might have to adjust to insect bites. So carry a first aid box.

Your dog can sleep outside if he prefers to and he will be ok. Just read the instructions of the camping grounds before doing so.


Although it would be a lot of fun for you and your buddy to spend the night in the same tent. Keeping in mind the security, shelter and proximity, your dog can sleep anywhere with proper precautions and planning.

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