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Do dogs get cold camping?

Great! now you are camping outside with your best buddy in the winter, but you think it is getting too cold for your dog now you are wondering if your dog can get cold from camping.

No, your dog doesn’t get cold the same way as you do. But they can catch cold like symptoms such as shivering, sneezing and drippy nose. It is safe to be camping above 45-degree Fahrenheit even for small dogs. Once it drops below 40-degree Fahrenheit small or thin coated dogs may start to feel the cold. Continue reading to find out how your dog might react to cold based on its size and breed.

Different dogs react different.

Breed: This is one of the major things you should consider before cold camping. If your dog is Saint Bernard, Mastiff, Siberian Huskies, Newfoundlands, Samoyeds etc. you don’t need to worry, they can withstand extreme level of coldness. But if you have small breed dogs like  Dachshund, Shih Tzu, Chihuahua etc,you need to be more careful.

Coat type: If your dog has a thick coat you don’t need to worry. If you have given him a trim or he has short hair you should take necessary precautions.

Size: Large dogs handle cold pretty well. While small dogs tend to feel cold pretty soon.

Activity level: An active dog will keep himself warm by running around, whereas an inactive or lazy dog might feel cold quickly.


It is always better to check weather report before starting your winter camping with your dog.

If that place you are planning to camp is known to have sudden drop in temperature set up camp as close as possible to your car, so you and your buddy can return to the safe place if things go out of hand. 

Pack extra pairs of sweater and heat pad for your dog to keep him warm.

What to do if the temperature drops suddenly?

Main thing while camping in winter is not to lose heat to the environment.

Make sure to close the tent so that you don’t lose heat which will keep you and your dog warm inside the tent.

Slip in the dog boots you brought this will protect the paws from touching the cold and snowy ground.

lay in more blankets below his sleeping bag by doing this there will be no body heat loss to the ground. It’s better if you have a dog sleeping bag as keeps the whole body warm. 

Keep your pet as close to your body as possible. Don’t let him sleep outside

When to end the camping?

When u see your dog covered in snow.

When your dog is moving slowing and inactive.

When your dog is looking for warm spots. 

When your dog whines or is anxious.

Even though your dog may not catch cold it doesn’t mean it can have other effects because of extreme cold. Your dog’s ears and nose will be exposed to cold air and their feet will touching cold ground or snow. This can make them more sensitive to cold. If you take precaution and use these tips and tricks you can have an awesome camping trip with your buddy.

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