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How do I get my dog to sleep in a tent?

You are out there in a nice place with the best view of the lake and it’s getting night time but your dog won’t get inside the tent and you are worried for him. We all have been there but trust me, he’ll be alright if he stays out of the tent. Wondering how to get your dog to sleep in a tent? here are some tips.

Bring and use the same bed your dog uses at home for camping. Also try making the inside of the tent very comfortable. But the best way is to train him well using the right commands before coming. You can also use other ideas mentioned below to get your dog to sleep in tent.

Bring his bed from home

Tired of dog not sleeping inside the tent with you? Try creating an environment just like home. Like using the same bed used at home.

Using the same sheets from home. Or you might as well use a crate inside the tent if he loves being in the crate. This will make it easier for him too and you can also use the commands that you use at home.

Use his favorite toy 

Lay a bunch of his favorite toys on the sleeping bag or bed and let him get comfortable first. Then using the command u can tell your dog to sleep in the bed.

Train him before going 

This is the best thing you can do. Make him comfortable with his sleeping bed at home itself.

You can set up the tent in the living room and place the bed inside use some of his favourite treat let him walk around inside let him smell and see everything and get comfortable and then with the help of the command ‘go to bed’ practice this several time before camping.

Place the bed next to you.

This might actually work because your dog loves to sleep next to you.

If he is not allowed to sleep on your bed in home he would love to come inside the tent and sleep next to you. what best you can do is open the door of the tent and place your dog’s bed in the entrance so he can get in and out whenever he wants to without disturbing you.

Make it more comfortable

 Buy some extra comfort sleeping bags for your dog. Add more layers to make it more comfortable and cozy. Create the same environment like how he sleeps at home.

It’s totally fine if your dog doesn’t want to sleep inside the tent with you.  If you are in a camp site, remember to restrain your dog.

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