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How do you keep a dog while camping?

Have you ever been in a situation where you are having an amazing blast in a camping site and  you realize your dog is missing and you hear people screaming in terror as your dog is chasing your neighboring camper around?

Or is your dog running over everything and stumbling upon the cables while you are setting up the tent or cooking? Worry not. We have a bunch of ideas u can use.

Wondering how do you keep a dogs while camping? The best way is to use a leash or a camping pen. If your dog is anxious use a camping crate or a run along leash.

Using the leash

Easiest thing you can do is to leash your dog to an anchor or a tree.

It can be a little hard on you and your dog as it might hurt your dog’s neck and there is a chance of you tripping over the leash. 

Lets not forget some dogs have the tendency to tangle up the leash and you may end up spending all your time untying it.

Don’t tie him in such a place that he has access to the Fire pit and ends up melting the leash.

Using a camping crate 

Using a camping crate would be the best idea if your dog has the habit of Chasing butterflies and getting lost. 

Also use this if your dog is used to spending a lot of time being in the crate at home.

Although this would not give him much of a freedom, you can use this until you have everything set up and done according to your plan.

Using a camping pen.

Using a portable camping pen would be an awesome alternative as it gives a bit more freedom to your dog compared to a leash.Throw in a dog bed and you will be good to go.

Setting it up is very easy and it is not at all bulky to carry, you just have to spare five minutes to set it up.

A camping pen is recommended for calm dogs if your dog is very anxious this would not contain your dog as it is just made up of mesh and very light material. 

Use a run along leash

Run along leash allows your dog to roam around but in a restricted fashion. 

You can make your own setup. All you have to do is you have to tie a long rope between two trees about 20 feet apart. Tie them nice and tight. Take your dog’s leash and use the hook to attach it to the rope, and there you go you have your own Run along leash.

Or you can simply use RUFFWEAR, Knot-a-Hitch for this purpose.

This is better if your dog has the tendency to tangle up the leash. 

Its best if you read all the instructions before letting your dog free in a campsite. Least thing you want is someone complaining about your dog and making a huge mess. Use any of the above mentioned methods and have a blast camping with your buddy in a hassle free manner.

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